Koala - healthy living technology

About us

The D.A.TECH. S.r.l. (Depollution Air Technology) company was created by a team of multidisciplinary specialists who decided to public the results of studies and researches about air pollution conducted over 20 years according to “science and conscience”.

The most relevant result of their work is having synthesised many years of multidisciplinary research and specific experiences in air depollution, by designing and realising an innovating intervention technology on a global level - the Koala® technology - which is able to depollute air inside confined spaces by means of filtration systems, protected by an international patent, acting on the various polluting agents depending on their physical status (solid, gaseous, microbiological and electric).

Over the years, D.A.TECH Srl has carried out consistent investments in research & development to improve the Koala technology and life conditions in indoor environments, commitment still present today.

This is made possible by a group of people believing in consistent improvement as an essential concept being the base of science and business.

D.A.TECH. S.r.l. is EN ISO 9001:2008 certified

D.A.TECH. S.r.l. has been assigned the NATO code (N/CAGE): A 1795