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The quality of indoor air in submarines

In the atmosphere of submarines the presence of chemicals with well-known harmful effects on human health and performances has been ascertained and determined.
often causes a temporary increase in the levels of polluting agents in the submarine atmosphere..
Sometimes, these polluting agents reach high concentration peaks that, if prolonged over time, might be potentially harmful for crew members.
Polluting agents inside a submarine are dangerous in a special way because the human sense of smell is able to perceive the increase of their level only at the beginning, but tolerance occurs in a few minutes.

Keeping air quality and atmospheric composition under certain conditions is one of the most critical problems in a submarine.

However, a growing interest in this aspect has recently risen. The harmful chemicals> whose presence in the atmosphere of submarines has been ascertained are:

Other sources of polluting agents, often non-dangerous if a sufficient ventilation is guaranteed, are airborne metabolic products:

A further aspect to be analysed is the positive ions high density in air if compared to the low presence of negative ions, caused inside a submarine by air flow friction inside air conditioning ducts (V >2 m/s).

The healing of microbiological pollution in very densely populated spaces is as much as complex, as in the case being observed.

To treat all these aspects and drastically reduce the presence of polluting substances in the atmosphere of submarines, D.A.TECH. S.r.l. developed a special device featuring the innovating Koala® nano-technology.

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