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Koala Sub

Today, the anti-pollution Koala-Sub system is installed as Standard for air quality on Italian Sauro class submarines.
First, some measurements concerning the concentration of organic compounds (Total VOC, chemicals with an S-O bound, nitrogen compounds, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and various organic solvents) in the air inside submarines during routine navigation were carried out. Similar measurements carried out using the active purification system have shown that the Koala-Sub system is able to purify the atmosphere inside a submarine, even during Snorkelling operations (the periodical operation of ventilation with fresh air often causing a temporary increase in the level of polluting agents in the atmosphere of submarines).

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The installation of the Koala-Sub depolluting system means such a significant increase in effective air ventilation, as to restore the limits of acceptability even in polluted environments (without the need for further thermal air treatments required when the ventilation with external air increases), with a particle filtration effect and a rapid reduction of airborne Total Bacterial Load (T.B.L.).
The Koala-Sub system shows a consistent 99.9% reduction of the bacteriological count in outgoing air flow. The average reduction of the bacteriological count in the confined space of a submarine is 55.9%. The Koala-Sub has an active “depolluting” action on all polluting agents in the air of submarines: particles, micro-organisms, electrostatics, gasses.
By installing on board a state-of-the-art technology system such as this one, it is possible to obtain a double saving, both in operation and installation costs, which are lower for the Koala-Sub if compared to an even limited modification or boost of the existing air ventilation system.
The Koala-Sub system, besides self-sterilising filtered biological materials, guarantees the absence of polluting material emissions into the concerned environment and ensures a no-risk maintenance, even for those with no specific training.

Features of the Koala-Sub depolluting system.

Why did the Italian Navy choose Koala-Sub:

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